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217 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

Debutea takes inspiration from the French word “Debut”, standing for fresh image and, in our own interpretation, consistency throughout. Our goal is to share with customers the brand of tea that is high quality, differentiated with innovation but respect to the heritage, and communicates the sense of community while serving our Debutea family.

Differentiation in the product, experience, and people is dear to our customers and us. Our signature cheese tea had filled the void in the natural ingredients megatrend among our peers and features many of the “firsts” in the tea scene around NYC. We are the first to move away from fructose, powder, and reject trans fat, creamer, artificial flavoring in our products. Fresh, colorful, organic fruits are involved and carefully picked through R&D, adding new life to the old-school drinks and pleasing customers with unique experience in all five senses.


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