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Marty’s V Burger

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+1 (646) 484-6325
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134 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016

Marty’s V Burger got its start at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival of 2014, and since then we’ve been working to bring you delicious, cruelty-free, truly fast food. Our signature burgers, mac and cheese, drumstix, crabby patties and more have been pleasing palates at events all around the New York City area.

Our goal is to continue to open minds and palates about how incredible vegan food is. Marty’s food is succulent, delicious and comforting. We’ve been sampled by vegans and meat-eaters alike, and received high praise from both. We consider it to be a great compliment that we’ve built a loyal following that comes to see us at all the events we do.


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