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Merrion Row Hotel and Public House

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+1 (212) 461-4920
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119 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

Experience luxury with all the comforts of home at The Merrion Row

Ireland is called The Land of a Thousand Welcomes for good reason. In Celtic times, it was customary for the Irish, at any time of day or night, to receive travelers in need of shelter—providing food, drink, music, and a place to rest. This tradition led to the establishment of bruideans, now known as public houses, at major crossroads. The doors of these hostels were unlocked and manned at all times, to ensure that everyone passing by would be invited in. With this heritage in mind, Merrion Row Hotel and Public House opened its own doors in 2018.

Our Beaux-Arts building, built in 1920, was one of Times Square’s first hotels. Frequented for decades by local actors and artists, as well as families in search of a truly New York experience, it has been reborn. A deep nod to the building’s rich history, Merrion Row remains a paragon of contemporary luxury.


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