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7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Following years of frequent dinner parties & teaching friends how to cook, chef Rawia decided to open a restaurant to share a simple idea: Cooking delicious Palestinian & Middle Eastern food as she does for family & friends, but with her unique twists.

Tanoreen’s cookery style was born first & foremost as a form of expression inspired by her mom and then influenced by her time traveling abroad & living in the New York.

In 1998 Tanoreen opened as a ten table, storefront in Brooklyn, & has since taken on a partner (Jumana, aka ‘The Daughter’), expanded to a larger location, published a cookbook, & now has a second book being published in June 2018.

Rawia describes herself as the daughter of a passionate, imaginative home cook. Jumana can now describe herself as the daughter of a passionate, imaginative restaurateur & author.

We are honored to continue an intergenerational legacy. Our commitment to and respect for our culinary heritage is the basis for Tanoreen & as the years have passed our menu has proudly evolved to embrace new flavors & influences to enliven & enrich.


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